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Titans FC Locations

Originally, Titans FC was a club located on Mercer Island and in central Bellevue. Our initial success and growth was embraced by all those families that joined us. The word quickly spread. What we were doing was a different soccer experience and our families and players appreciated it. However, even we couldn't have anticipated the explosive growth and the huge need for the programs we were offering. Ever looking for customer feedback, what we discovered was, our families wanted a more local experience without sacrificing the quality of our coaching and teams. Given the ever expanding population of the Eastside, getting around was difficult. After listening, we acted and created several satellite locations throughout the area. Now we can deliver our outstanding and professional soccer experience to even more families in a convenient location, allowing players the opportunity to play with other friends in their community. Despite being only 5 years old, we are disrupting the traditional soccer model and we are now providing a safe, fun, organized, and professional soccer experience to Medina, Somerset, Bellevue, and Mercer Island. Perhaps an even better indicator of how our success has moved at a blistering pace, we now have teams in Puyallup and Sea Tac! 

Please take a moment and take a look at our club and our programs. To look at what we are doing in our specific locations, simply click on the logo below that interests you.  

Titans F.C.


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