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Train Only

"Train Only" Option

Premier soccer can be challenging. Multiple practices per week and at least one, sometimes two games on the weekend. Throw in tournaments and cup competitions and it is easy to see how stepping up from a recreation or select team could be daunting. For a young player who is already unsure of themself, despite being a dominant player at their current level, the next level up may be too much. Maybe they aren't ready? But, maybe they are. Lastly, you have a parent's apprehension at investing in something where uncertainty is high.

At Titans FC, we completely understand this predicament. You want the best for your child but at what cost and we don't mean financially. To combat this, we offer a "train only" option. This option is for players that would like to receive high level professional training on their birth year but not play in the games. This program is available for those players in the development and early junior age groups. We find that this allows young players to "sample" the step up by training with our teams and professional coaches while remaining a part of their recreation or select teams. While we have no doubt these players will have a great time and learn a lot, we understand that it isn't for everyone. However, how do you know unless you try? Our "train only" option is completely bespoke and based on an individual basis. Each player and family is different and there are so many variables to consider that we can't have explicit times or pricing.

If you have a player who is dominating their current team and wants to see what the next step up the soccer ladder is like, contact us by clicking HERE.