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Titans FC coaches are the driving force behind the soccer club. Our coaches take our player development curriculum and implement it in real time. Not only that, they do it very well. Our club wouldn't function as well as it does, nor would it be as successful as it is, without them.

What makes our coaches so special?

  • First and foremost they are trustworthy people. All our coaches are background checked to the Federal level through multiple agencies. Our background checks are benchmark standard so you can be assured that EVERYONE at Titans FC is cleared and responsible to be entrusted with children. You know that SAFETY is our priority and we take this very, very seriously.
  • They are PROFESSIONAL. All our coaches are licensed in the sport. Sometimes people see professional to equal intense. This isn't always the case. We are sure to hire coaches that can coach to their audience. When FUN is required, they are adept at combining soccer skills with engaging games. When serious tactical analysis is required, they are astute tacticians where a change in formation can affect the outcome of a game.
  • Titans FC understands that like any industry, best practices change. That is why we don't rest on our laurels or get complacent. We know the value of CONTINUING EDUCATION and the benefit that staying on top of cutting edge techniques has on our players.
  • Our coaches are SUPPORTED in every way imaginable. We have a direct reporting structure so each coach has a "go to" person should they need anything at all from equipment to advice. Each coach has unlimited access to one of the greatest directors of education in the state. Erik Oman works closely with ALL our coaching staff to provide first-class feedback on their performance, any deficiencies that they need to work on, and also to recommend an action plan to make them a better coach. Our DOC, Adam Nowland, randomly selects and attends coaching sessions to see a coach in action. He also talks to parents to seek feedback on how their particular coach is doing, to see if they are happy with their coach, and to identify any patterns with each coach to address any concerns that parents may have.
  • Finally, we come to EQUIPMENT. Titans FC is the benchmark club in providing our coaches with equipment they need to be successful. Through our sponsorship with Adidas they have quality and uniform apparel to wear that reflects our commitment to professionalism. Through our partnership with SKLZ our coaches have access to multiple pieces that are designed to improve specific areas of our players' game as identified by them. Balls, pinnies, cones, are all provided. If additional or replacement equipment is needed, each coach knows to contact their senior coach and they will have replacements immediately. Lastly, each coach is also assigned a team bench and a Titans FC branded team shelter to again project our belief in not only doing the right things but showing that we are a truly professional and well run organization that ALL our players and families can be proud of.

Please take a look below at our team coaches:

*Team Guide: to interpret the teams for each coach, we identify our teams as follows: Gender-Birth Year-Team Color-Location

For example: G10 Navy Medina is Girls 2010 Navy team in Medina

When there is no location name at the end of the identifier, this assumes the team is based in central Bellevue i.e: B03 Navy is Boys 2003 Navy (no location therefore; it is central Bellevue). 

The color scale is: Navy-White-Red (A, B, C)

Adam Nowland Head Coach

G01 Navy Bellevue; B01 Navy Bellevue

Erik Oman Head Trainer

G01 Navy Bellevue; B03 Navy Bellevue

Jack Sturgess Head Coach

B08 Navy Bellevue; G07 Navy Bellevue; B06 Navy Bellevue; B05 Navy Bellevue; B03 Navy Bellevue

Keenan Butler Head Coach

B10 Navy Medina; B09 Navy Medina; B04 Navy Bellevue

Keegan Rogers Head Coach

Tomas Capetillo Head Coach

B11 Navy Medina

Gabe Canales Head Coach

B08 White Bellevue; G06 Navy Bellevue

Marlon Mejia Head Coach

B05 Navy Puyallup

Javi Cruz Head Coach

B09 Navy Somerset; B07 White Bellevue; B06 White Bellevue; B04 White Bellevue; B02 Navy Bellevue

Gerrit Foster Head Coach

B09 Navy Puyallup; B09 White Puyallup

Lee Robinson Head Coach

Nelson Salazar Head Coach

B06 Red Bellevue; G03 Navy Bellevue

Jim Bodtke Head Coach

G05 Navy Bellevue

Calyx Baumeister Head Coach

B10 Navy Baumeister; B10 White Baumeister

Andy Fordyce Head Coach

B10 Navy Somerset

Mario Martinez Head Coach

B10 White Medina; B09 White Medina; G09 Navy Medina; G08 Navy Bellevue

Fabio Rodrigues Head Coach

B07 Navy Bellevue

Emily Bringgold Assistant Coach

G09 Navy Medina; G08 Navy Bellevue