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Junior Titans

The Junior Titans Program is designed to specifically train those players in the U5-U8 age groups giving them an age appropriate curriculum while being fully aware of the psycho-social aspect of their child development at this age. During this stage of their development, a child begins to think more logically and becomes more organized in their thoughts. Our Junior Titans program recognizes the start of these changes and likewise becomes more organized and logical in its structure. However, the fun aspect of playing is not forgotten and is certainly emphasized. We believe that outstanding player development and fun are not two mutually exclusive concepts.

The Junior Titans program is for those players who will benefit from really building their technical skills while experiencing the beginning training and commitment level of the next step in our player pathway, our Titan Premier program. By training twice per week with match days on a weekend, players will be submersed in the environment they need to eventually transition into the next step of our player development pathway without losing sight of the educational needs of these players.

The main points of focus for the Junior Titans program are:

-Technical Development – Increased touches on the ball encourages comfort on the ball and ultimately develops more skillful players

-The Introduction of Tactical Principles – More but less complicated decision making during a game

-Teaching Method – M.A.R. Motivation, Association, Repetition – Our professional staff understands the natural progression of athletic skill development

-Cognitive Development – More involvement during training and games and an opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents

-Player Development – More opportunity to play on both sides of the ball = greater overall understanding of game

The Junior Titans program was designed specifically for those players who are invested in improving their game yet still need to develop a little before making the next big step up the soccer ladder. Our program specifically helps younger players prepare for the rigors of Premier soccer under the guidance of our professional coaching staff.

Additionally, as mentioned before, at Titans FC we understand the importance of social relationships at this age and the significance of this stage in their development. All our Junior Titan players will be placed on a team that will allow them, as much as is practically possible, to enjoy playing soccer with their friends. Our teams will be created on a 4 v 4 format, keeping in line with US Soccer Federation guidelines.

As you can see our intention is to build the skills, commitment, and confidence of our players so they can make the next step along our player development pathway into Premier soccer.

For more information about out Junior Titans program, please contact our Director Jack Sturgess HERE