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Titans XX Newsletter

Titan XX - Purpose & Mission

Titan XX is designed to help develop a sense of community for the female players at Titans Premier FC.  Our goal with the program is to connect our girls’ teams and coaches to provide positive, supportive mentoring relationships to help the girls in our club to thrive.  Titan XX is not a supplemental program; it is integrated into our curriculum for all of our female teams.  All female players in the club are automatically members of the Titan XX Family.  


During the year, we will have a number of special events for Titan XX, starting with the July 11 trip to the Seattle Reign game (more on that below).  We will have guest speakers coming to share their experiences and inspiration with our players.  We will go to local college women’s soccer games during the fall to support women’s soccer and to connect our players to higher levels of the game.  We will hold monthly Titan XX group training sessions to bring all of our girls together to share their progress on the field.  Through these sessions we will help to develop mentoring relationships between our younger and older players, build leadership skills and provide inspiration and community for all of our players.  We will offer coaching education opportunities for our older players and have already begun to include some of our players on the coaching staff with the NPSA Foundation programs that offer free soccer to underserved communities.


This is YOUR program!  Please participate, keep in touch and give feedback.  I welcome any ideas that you have to improve our programming and support our goal of  providing an absolutely fantastic environment for our female players to thrive!

Upcoming: Titan XX Group Event - Seattle Reign Game 

Titan XX will be taking our first field trip of the year to the Seattle Reign vs. Utah Royals game on Wednesday, July 11.  Our club will be getting special recognition during the game with some of our players participating in half time events on the field, others watching the first half of the game from the sideline VIP seats, and everyone having an opportunity to get autographs and selfies with Seattle Reign players.  All Titan XX players and families are welcome to attend and support this exciting event.  


Kick-off is scheduled for 7:30pm at Memorial Stadium at the Seattle Center, but we encourage players to arrive by 6:30 to get good seats, to hang out together and to watch the pre-game warm-ups.  Please wear your Titans Premier FC gear and represent our club with pride!


For ticket information and purchase, please see:


For more information on the Seattle Reign and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), please see the following links:

Report from our first event - Skagit Firecracker Tournament

The first event for most of our Titans Premier FC teams this year was the Skagit Firecracker Tournament, June 15 - 17.  Six of our Titan XX teams played in the event and our 2001 Girls won the tournament championship!  Here is a recap of their tournament from Coach Adam Nowland:


After a slow start losing their first group game to a very good NW United ‘A’ team, 3-0, the Titans G01 team grew into the tournament getting stronger with each game.

Winning their next two group games, 1-0 and 3-0 respectively, the girls secured top spot in the group and a place in the finals against the same NW United team they lost to in the opening group game.

In a back and forth encounter, the Titans came back from a goal down at the half to win the game 2-1 and claim their first trophy of the summer. The goals came from a Caven Baumeister PK and a 25 yard banger from Jordan Currier for the game winner 2 minutes from time.

All the girls played their part in this victory but special mention must go to our GK, Sarah Thomas, who played consistently well over the 4 games making some big saves in what was her debut tournament with the team after recently joining the club.

Congratulations to the G01 Navy team and next up is the Crossfire Challenge in mid July. GO TITAN XX! 

Advice From A Senior Titan XX Player 

As part of developing leadership and mentoring skills for our players and providing mentoring for our younger players, we are excited to bring you the first edition of “Advice From a Senior Titan XX Player”, featuring Simrat Singh from the G01 team:


When I was really small and there was a soccer game playing on tv, I would say to my parents, “I want to do that!”  So they signed me up and I can’t even remember how old I was when I started.  One of my soccer inspirations is Marta Vieira da Silva (Marta) from Brazil; she has always been someone that I have looked up to.  (Marta currently plays for Orlando Pride in the NWSL)


My first team was in Canada in the Vancouver area where I grew up.  We moved here 2 1/2 years ago and I started playing for Lake Washington Premier.  My brother was playing for Lake Washington too and his team played a game against a Titans Premier FC team.  My mom decided to look Titans Premier FC up on the internet and she liked what she saw, so I tried out for the G01 Team with Coach Adam and made the team.


My advice to younger players is to have fun and be in the moment when you play.  Just focus on the present moment instead of worrying about the next game or anything after that. 

Interview with a Coach

From your Titan XX Director, Erik Oman:  

I have been blessed to see a lot of my former players go on to become coaches, continuing to participate in the game and developing the next generation of players themselves.  In this light, we want to provide opportunities for our Titan XX players to develop leadership and coaching skills so that they can continue to be life-long participants in the game.  We also want to celebrate the women who have brought their experiences and love of the game to our Titan XX Program as coaches.  


I am excited to highlight Coach Jaynie Woodard in this edition of the Titan XX  Newsletter!  When I first called Jaynie to talk with her about this interview, she was on the field playing soccer!  We had to work to schedule around World Cup games and a Sounders game to find a time to visit, but it was worth the wait!  Here is some of Coach Jaynie’s story:


I grew up in the small town of Arlington, WA and played soccer with my older sister Olivia when I was very little.  She was a huge inspiration for me growing up. Olivia was playing competitive soccer, she was in ODP and she inspired me to start playing soccer.  I took my own path at a different club from my sister and played for 8 years with Lakewood Legacy with friends that I had grown up with in Arlington.  I remember every summer going out into the front yard and juggling, trying to get as many touches as I could.  I remember one summer where my goal all summer was to get to 100 touches in a row; I’m not sure if I made it or not that summer, but I loved to go get touches on the ball!


I got to play together with my sister for three years in high school at Arlington HS before Olivia graduated and went to college.  I went to college at Central Washington University and found my love for soccer again playing on the club team at Central.  I transferred to UW Bothell and played on the club team there.  While I was finishing my degree in Business Management at UW Bothell, I had the chance to travel to Spain to study the politics of soccer in Spain and Europe for my elective credits.  This was during the time that there was a huge corruption scandal going on with FIFA (the governing body for soccer), so it was an interesting time to be there learning about the business of the game.  After I finished college, I got a job working for a hotel in the reservations department.  Through a friend, I met Adam Nowland’s cousin-in-law and got connected with Adam, who got me started coaching for Titans Premier FC.  Now, soccer has led me to my current job as an administrator for Chestnut Hill Academy! 


Soccer has always just been there for me and I have always found ways for it to be a part of my life. 


If I could give advice to my 14 year old self (or to a young player), I would say, stay true to yourself, and have fun playing soccer!  Build your friendships, be respectful to your coaches and don’t give up!  Try to be the best you can at your level and learn from others - teammates, friends, older players, coaches. —


Coach Jaynie still plays soccer and is currently on a co-ed indoor team at Arena Sports in Issaquah.

FIFA 11+   Why it is so important

Injuries happen - they are a part of all competitive sports, but proper training and preparation can help to protect athletes from many common sports injuries and reduce recovery times when athletes are injured.  While no training program can eliminate injuries completely, the FIFA 11+ exercises have been shown to significantly reduce injury rates in athletes who train using the exercises at least three times per week.  


The FIFA 11+ activities are designed to improve balance, agility and core strength - the key factors in helping athletes to protect their joints under the loading of athletic movements.  All of our Titan XX Coaches have been provided with information on the FIFA 11+ Protocols and will be integrating these activities into their warm-up and training routines throughout the year.  However, we wanted to provide you with the information so that you can supplement this training on your own.


It is important to note that like most things, you get out of the training exactly what you put into it.  To get the benefit of the exercises, correct form is critical.  The exercises need to be done with focus and precision to give the athlete the balance and muscle control that will protect them in the unpredictable environment of a competitive game or training activity.  We encourage all of our players to use the FIFA 11+ exercises to supplement their regular training, but please do them well!


Below are links to the two versions of the FIFA 11+ Program - one for players 7 - 12 years old (FIFA 11+ Kids) and one for players 13 and older:

FIFA 11+ Kids -

FIFA 11+



Other related resources:




Please participate, keep in touch and give us feedback.  This is YOUR program!