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Robert Smiley

Name: Robert A Smiley

Birthdate: 10/30/1968

Hometown: Meridian, MS

Team you support: US: Houston Dynamo - Germany

Favorite soccer player: Demarcus Beasley

Club Role: B03 White Assistant Coach

Coach Rob is entering his first season as a coach for Titans FC.  Rob has some familiarity with our club as his son also plays on our B04 White Bellevue team.  One of Rob’s favorite soccer memories came when the Houston Dynamo brought him and his son down to sit right behind the bench during one of their matches.  Rob brings a ton of passion and energy to our coaching staff.  Rob strives to created a positive training environment that promotes individual and team growth.  The game of soccer stretches beyond the pitch and Rob encourages healthy soccer training habits, as well as life habits such as nutrition and fitness.  

Coach Rob currently works with our B03 Red Bellevue team and also helps out with our Foundation.  Rob has completed several diplomas with the NSCAA and is looking to get future coaching education.  When Rob isn’t working, he is a graphic artist and animator for a startup gaming company in Kirkland.  Rob is married and has 2 awesome children. Fun fact, Rob is a citizen of the United States & Switzerland!