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Titans FC Brings Bellevue Soccer To Whole New Level


Why Bellevue Parents & Kids Choose Titans FC


"Our soccer journey before we found Titans FC was a very frustrating one. Our children spent way too much time on the bench vs playing and learning the game, and received substandard coaching. Since we have found Titans FC, they have developed tremendously, race out the door to practice and relish being with their peers playing the game."  - Tina C. 

Every Bellevue soccer parent has different reasons for sending their child to Titans FC. For some, it is the care and attention of the coaching staff. For others, it’s the energy and love of the game that founder Adam Nowland brings to the Club. Here are some of the key reasons we hear:

  • A club run by soccer people
  • Every child on every team is valued
  • Outstanding pathway to college
  • Titans FC drives opportunities for young  players wanting to elevate their game

About The NPSA Founder Adam Nowland

NPSA founder Adam Nowland, a retired English soccer professional,  learned about the value of world-class instruction at the of age 12 when he was coached at the Liverpool FC Center of Excellence by Steve Heighway, one of Liverpool’s greatest players. “Every child should have the opportunity to good coaching and a quality soccer experience,” Nowland says. “It is an essential part of any player’s development because in order for them to be an effective part of a team they first need to be competent and confident in their abilities as an individual.”

Nowland’s 12-year career as a midfielder was characterized by his solid work ethic, speed and finesse. He turned professional at the age of 17 in Blackpool and he later went on to play for West Ham United and Nottingham Forest before coming to the United States to play for FC Tampa Bay.

Bellevue Field Locations


Newport Hills Park: 6029 120th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

Interlake High School: 16245 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98008

Robinswood Park: 2430 148th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98007

Hidden Valley Sports Complex: 1905 112th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Chinook Middle School: 2001 98th Ave NE, Clyde Hill, WA 98004

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NPSA Player Pathway


At NPSA, we believe in developing Bellevue players the right way from the very beginning. We stay true to our mission of providing youth soccer development for all player levels by raising coaching standards and ultimately player advancement through professional coaching education in an engaging training environment. As soon as a player has an interest in the game or wants to be introduced to the game, we strive to provide the age appropriate program to allow all players to flourish and develop as they grow and age. What we see today is a fragmented landscape for soccer development. People go one place for a certain type of training and then elsewhere for another type of training. This leads to inconsistency in both message and philosophy leading to confusion in players and often in parents. One coach says one thing and the next coach will stress something different. Where is the consistency?

For more information regarding the player pathway, please click here!


NPSA Club Values


Our NPSA club values are our enduring and distinctive core beliefs.  They are our deeply held convictions that influence our attitudes and behaviors. These beliefs are ingrained in all we do and are shared by all our staff; they are our way of life. The NPSA guiding principles never change and are why NPSA does what it does and what it stands for.

For more information on the NPSA Club Values, please click here!