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College Preparation

The Titans FC College Preparatory program is for our Titan Elite players. Playing college soccer is the pinnacle for the clear majority of youth soccer players in the country today. It is the ultimate reward for years of hard work, commitment, and dedication to the sport we all love. However, while the aim may be there for our players, there is a massive amount of uncertainty and unknown about the process for them. The same goes for parents. This can cause a great amount of anxiety. Rightly so as there is a lot to learn as well as navigate.

There is a general feeling amongst players and parents that if they can’t play at the NCAA Division 1 level, then they can’t play college soccer. This simply isn’t true. There are so many options available. We have heard it time and again in our careers, “If I only knew what to do, then I could have played in college”. What this boils down to is knowledge and learning. The overwhelming question is, “Where do I start?”. The College Preparatory program we have developed will answer this question and many more.

The key to getting a jump start on the process is to start as early as possible. While it is very possible to get away with not doing anything until your Junior year in high school it isn’t advisable. There are so many steps to take and things to do that cramming them into a short period is a recipe for disaster not to mention for soccer careers ending prematurely. At Titans FC, we have split the process up into general things to do through each year of high school. The program will be conducted into separate parts:

·       Freshman Year

·       Sophomore Year

·       Junior Year

·       Senior Year

During each part our Elite players will be given information that will allow them to be ahead of the game and fully prepared as to what they need to do and what they can expect. Many clubs lump everything together for anyone to attend and learn. Through experience, this simply doesn’t work. After all, why does a freshman in high school need to know about how athletic scholarships work in relation to an overall financial aid package? The answer is, they don’t. Not at that time in their career anyway. There is so much information that it can’t possibly be covered in one yearly session. Taking into consideration that each player has different needs there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. Therefore, at Titans FC we are doing things the right way, putting the needs of the player first, and giving them the information that they need at the right time, over time. Of course, general information is just that. With each player having unique needs how do they figure out what they need? Well, Titans FC has that covered too. We have a college preparatory professional on staff that will be available to help individual players and families.

As you can see, the College Preparatory program plays a significant role in the player pathway of our Titans Elite players. We will be offering our high school year specific programs starting this spring with an introductory evening. Moving forward our high school year specific information nights will be offered prior to the start of the academic year to ensure all our players know what to do and what to expect as they progress academically.