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Titans Elite U13-U19

Step 3:

Step 3 is the final step in our Player Development pathway and culminates with our Titans Elite program. Players in this program play year-round and are fully committed and focused on being the very best. Needless to say, missing practices isn’t something that is desired.

Being a Titans Elite player is to identify with the very best. We have created a professional and elite training curriculum with a learning environment that will promote superior habits on the field with a winner’s mindset. As our Elite players enter high school they will be guided to the end goal of playing in college. We understand that not every player may want to play in college but rather they have a strong desire to play soccer at the highest level possible. We will provide this.

We focus our program on setting our players up to be able to play in college should they choose to. It is clear from the statistics that not every player can play NCAA Division 1 soccer. Knowing this, we work hard to help our players identify alternate levels of college soccer such as NCAA Divisions 2 & 3 and NAIA to Junior College. Just because someone doesn’t play NCAA Division 1 soccer does not mean that they cannot play for a highly competitive college program while getting a great education. Many college coaches will tell you that there are many programs outside NCAA Division 1 that could easily compete in NCAA Division 1. We marry our College Preparation program to our Titan Elite program to encourage all our players to explore their options, be prepared for what they need to do, and to educated players and parents on what to expect through the process.

At this stage in their development players need to be encouraged, constructively critiqued on their game, and challenged in the finer points of the game in general. We value honest feedback to our players. We wouldn’t be doing them justice if we didn’t. Tactical sessions will be become more apparent and at this stage players are growing into the cerebral part of soccer. This is particularly pertinent as in this stage of development, players can begin to think more abstractly and reason about hypothetical problems. Children also begin to use deductive logic, or reasoning from a general principle to specific information. Critical abilities that also emerge during this stage of development are the ability to systematically plan for the future and reason about hypothetical situations.

Our Titans Elite program is for the serious soccer player. We train and play to win and be successful. We still focus on player development but we shift more towards development of playing as a team. We believe that player development and winning are not mutually exclusive concepts. We train with the intensity that we play at and our professional coaching staff are focused on getting the very best out of all our players.