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Titans Premier U8-U12

Step 2:

The Titans FC Premier program is Step 2 of our Player Pathway. Arriving here through our Junior Titans program will set up any player for success. So, how is Step 2 different?

The Titans Premier program is just that, Premier. It is not select soccer. It is Premier soccer and it comes with more commitment, a dedicated US Club Premier League, and a higher level of coaching, curriculum, and challenges. It’s clear that as our player pathway progresses so does the level of play.

The program is still seasonal but our professional coaching staff teach more challenging principles. This inspires all players to think about their game and encourages independent decision making, resulting in the realization of the consequences of their decisions as they relate to the game. This is particularly pertinent as in this stage of development, players begin to think logically about concrete events. Children begin using inductive logic, or reasoning from specific information to a general principle. While children are still very literal in their thinking at this point in development, they become much more adept at using logic. The egocentrism of previous stages of development begins to disappear as kids become better at thinking about how other people might view a situation. 

The Titans Premier program is still under the umbrella of development. As such, games will be played under 7v7 and 9v9 conditions as recommended by USSF. The league we play in, the Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL) is sanctioned by US Club Soccer (please see our website under “About Us” to learn more).

Our training is conducted in a Premier environment. As mentioned before this is not select soccer. While we always strive to have enjoyable and engaging training sessions the focus is on learning and aiming to push players to become a more advanced player. Step 2 in our player pathway is the introduction of the more serious side of playing soccer and the beginnings of training players with a view to transitioning into the Titans Elite program and the entrance into developing to potentially play in college.

All players will be taught the principles of play that will set them up for success as they continue down the player pathway. As each player and team ages and grows, the demands of training will increase appropriately. Often, the level and abilities of select players are similar to premier players. However, there is one MAJOR difference. The Titans FC training, soccer education, curriculum, and infrastructure are professional in nature and are delivered in a more demanding environment that you wouldn’t experience at the select level.