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TITANS FC Player Pathway

At Titans FC, we believe in developing players the right way from the very beginning. We stay true to our mission of providing youth soccer development for all player levels by raising coaching standards and ultimately player advancement through professional coaching education in an engaging training environment. As soon as a player has an interest in the game or wants to be introduced to the game, we strive to provide the age appropriate program to allow all players to flourish and develop as they grow and age. What we see today is a fragmented landscape for soccer development. People go one place for a certain type of training and then elsewhere for another type of training. This leads to inconsistency in both message and philosophy leading to confusion in players and often in parents. One coach says one thing and the next coach will stress something different. Where is the consistency?

Our vision is to influence positive change in the youth soccer landscape throughout the State of Washington, by removing financial, political, and social constraints that are the barriers to the development of players. Ultimately, we don’t want confusion or fragmented programs. We want to provide the benchmark soccer education in the State. We aspire to provide every piece of soccer education for all players. Therefore, we developed the Titans FC Player Pathway Program to provide an outstanding option for the player just beginning right through to preparing our Elite players to play in college and all the steps in between. We are aiming for inclusion. Inclusion of all players, from all backgrounds, and through all our programs.

Given this, Titans FC has developed the player pathway to deliver consistency in player development from the very beginning. All our programs are age appropriate and are taught with a high level of awareness of the particular stage of development of each child. Additionally, our programs become more focused and commitment oriented as they progress. Each stage in the pathway has a unique curriculum to enable us to provide an excellent education and to support all our players to reach their soccer goals.

The definitive goal of Titans FC is to be as successful as possible. What does success look like? Well, we believe it means the marriage of emphatic player development and winning, raising the standards of players and coaches, with the end goal of providing the opportunity and support to all our players to go on to play at the next level, intercollegiate competition.

The Titans FC player pathway was developed with all this in mind. The very best in coaching, development, and progressively challenging play to ultimately provide our players with the ability to play college soccer.

We believe in our philosophy and player pathway. We believe it will allow all our players to realize their dreams of playing soccer at the highest level they wish to attain.

The Titans FC Player Pathway:

We hope that you take a moment to browse through each of the steps of our Player Development Program underneath this tab. Each step will give you a description of what we do and what it entails.