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College Preparation

Playing college soccer. Perhaps it is the highlight of most players' careers. However, the college recruiting process can be daunting. With three NCAA divisions, an NAIA division, and a Junior College Division understanding the rules and requirements takes a lot of research or, a professional that can help you. Luckily, at Titans FC, you have the help you need built into your club. Someone who can help you navigate the recruiting process and guide you in your decision making. College recruiting boils down to one thing, hard work. Unless you find a way to market yourself the opportunities available to you will be limited. Our College Prep Program will help you in marketing yourself but will also help you to present yourself in the best possible light. You can be the best player out there but if you don't have things organized or you don't know what coaches are looking for beyond the soccer field, it will be incredibly hard to realize your goals. Our program will discuss:

  • Putting together your soccer resume
  • Creating a soccer highlights video
  • What to look for in a potential college
  • College testing
  • NCAA & NAIA eligibility requirements
  • College applications
  • Financial Aid & FAFSA
  • Athletic & Academic scholarships
  • How to talk to a coach
  • How to communicate professionally
  • Negotiating offers

The above list is just a small amount of what the program offers. Each player is unique in their needs. One size in the college recruiting process definitely does not fit all. While your friend may have gone through the process, their experience and pathway while in some ways will be similar will certainly not be the same as yours. Everybody knows something about the recruiting process but few know it all. The Titans FC College Prep Program will tailor itself to your specific needs. However, what it won't do is do it for you. That's where the hard work comes in. You only get out what you put in. If you are interested in playing college soccer, this program is for you.

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