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The Benefit To You

Anytime we decide to buy or do something we do it because there is a value to it. There is some sort of benefit. For Titans FC, we believe that we offer incredible value in what we do. What are those benefits?

Our pricing is highly competitive for what we offer. We aren't a "super club" that has an enrollment in the thousands. Our players don't get lost in the crowd or worse, ignored because they aren't on the "A" team.

Our curriculum is written by a UEFA licensed former English Premier League professional. Adam has been coached by the best and has learned from the best. All these experiences have been put together to provide a superior soccer education for all our players.

Our coaching staff are constantly trained on the way Adam wants his curriculum to be implemented. All our coaching staff are required to continue their soccer coaching education which in turn gives our players a better experience.

Titan FC has recruited some of the best in the business. Erik Oman is one example of that. Erik is a USSF A licensed coach as well as an NSCAA Premier licensed coach. He also is an instructor for USSF and the NSCAA. Erik works with the MLS and has been a college head coach in addition to being a professional himself. His resume is long and distinguished and all our Titans FC players benefit from Erik.

Our additional programs are designed to help our players develop either by age, skill level, or position. They are also continually examined and complemented based on the latest methodology in the game. We continually add programs for our players to have the opportunity to improve. If there is something that is needed, we will implement it.

We have added our College Prep Program for all our players who want to know the best ways to realize their dreams of playing in college. Titans FC hired Lee Hitchen to oversee this program. The skill set that Lee has is one that few, if any clubs, can boast of. Among his experience: College Head Coach, College Admissions & Financial Aid Professional, College Athletic Director, College Dean of Students, College Adjunct Instructor, and Athletic Recruiting Consultant. As you can see the benefit to you as a potential college player is unrivaled.

At Titans FC we can adapt quicker than other clubs. We aren't governed by a board of directors which enables us to make decisions quickly. We don't have to vote in order to get things done. This scalability allows us to capitalize on initiatives quickly for the benefit of our players and our membership.

We give back. Through the NPSA Foundation and our "Soccer for All" initiative, we can enable players to play the sport they love. Our teams give back to our communities through volunteer work. We realize that we have a large part to play in our communities and we embrace that.

Lastly, Titans FC doesn't lose sight of the fact that soccer teaches lessons beyond the technical and tactical aspects of the game. We want our players to be great citizens as well as great soccer players. A well rounded individual that goes on to enjoy a productive and healthy life gives us just as much satisfaction as winning a state championship.

Of course, while these benefits are significant, there is only one way to find out how they work in action. Take a look at the programs we offer, sign up, and become a proud Titan.