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Why We Do It

"Why do we do it?" It's simple really. We want everyone to be able to play soccer if they choose to regardless of any personal circumstance.

Titans FC hopes to be the club of choice for ALL players. We care deeply about youth soccer in the US and in the state of WA. We have seen, too many times, other clubs taking advantage of players and only providing for the "best".

That doesn't mean that we don't want our fair share of state championships and to be represented by our alums in the college and professional ranks. Of course, we do want that. However, we don't want to do it at the expense of ignoring everyone else.

Titans FC is a family club where everyone is welcome and treated in the same way. We want all our players to achieve their goals and we do all we can to give as many opportunities as we can to do that. We believe in continuing education. We believe in constantly striving to improve and we believe that we can do that in the most transparent and ethical manner possible.

We want all our players to have highly qualified coaches who see themselves not just as coaches, but as educators. The Titans FC experience should be one that everyone is proud to be a part of. We do it because we owe it to the game we all love and we owe it to all those that place their trust in us.