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Parent Expectations

Simplified Code of Conduct:

Support your player in their roles as: a member of the club & as a player taught by the coaches.

Let the players own their development and support their autonomy.

Encourage your player to cultivate an open & honest relationship with the coach.

Ask questions & learn with your player.

The best thing you can say to your player is, “I really enjoyed watching you play today.”


What NOT to Do

Do NOT Coach ANY player from the sideline or anywhere else (coaching: providing feedback or instruction to players)

Do NOT Criticize Any Player, Parent, Coach, or Referee

Do NOT Make any statements that are offensive in nature (Discriminatory, racist, vulgar etc) to anyone

In the unlikely event that this happens, parents may be given warnings and/or asked to leave. Should the behavior become a regular occurrence, or of a particularly severe nature, the matter will be elevated to the Director of Coaching for resolution in conjunction with the Titans FC disciplinary committee. Sanctions that may be placed upon parents by the disciplinary committee include: Non-attendance at a practice and/or game, multiple practice/game non-attendance, suspension for a period of time from all club related activity, and removal from the club.

Feedback vs. Criticism

This is an interesting difference to note. As coaches, we will strive to provide feedback to your players so that they may consider and make choices under their own accord (and understand, live, and work with the consequences of their decisions – hoping to produce better decision makers, problem solvers, and collaborators in the process).

If there is a grievance, the following procedure should be followed:

Do not go to directly to the Director of Coaching with any complaints. Follow the organizational flow highlighted below.

Please have yourself, or your player, wait 24 hours before communicating the issue.

This assumes it is an issue that can be “slept on”, which means it has a resolution that need not be administered immediately. As emotions can run high, especially in a game, it allows for a “cooling off” period.

Possible exceptions: player safety where immediate notification is necessary (if possible notify the manager to notify the coach), and tournament play (when the time frame between games may make earlier communication a necessity).

Have the player address the issue directly. Do NOT address the coach (via email, phone, or in person). Instead, provide your player support if he/she needs help addressing the issue, but provide him or her the space and confidence to have the communication with the coach himself or herself. At Titans FC, we strive to develop skills and life lessons beyond the field. Players should schedule a time to address an issue after training (they may be brought up as soon as players are dismissed from training). If they have an issue after a game in particular, the 24 hour rule should be observed if appropriate.

If there is an issue that involves the coach and does not involve your player. Contact the manager first. If the manager directs you to the coach, contact the coach via email to arrange a mutually agreeable time via phone or in person to discuss. Coaches, like everyone, have their own lives and families. It is the responsibility of everyone to respect personal lives. Coaches will respond to requests within 24 hours, at a minimum to acknowledge receipt of the request and to set a time for follow up to address the issue.

Coaches will be happy to address issues and problems concerning your player only. They will not address anything pertaining to the curriculum, team formation, game tactics, or other players. Each coach reserves the right to develop players and deliver training under the guidance of the club curriculum and learning objectives with the safety and well-being of all players as our number one priority. We would never dream of telling anyone how to do their job, in return we would expect the same.

The organizational flow for parent questions is: Manager-Coach-Director of Coaching. Each stage must be followed.

The organizational flow for players is: Coach-Director of Coaching. Each stage must be followed.

If parents persistently do not follow the expectations, parents will be referred to the NPSA disciplinary committee for resolution.

Absences & Lateness

If your player is going to be absent or late:

·        For a Training Session: Player (U13 & older) emails or texts the coach. Parent (U12 & younger) emails or texts the coach.

·        For a Game: Player or parent emails the manager and cc’s the coach at least one week in advance

              * Emergency situations are exceptions

Coaches will also text applicable present individual(s) if they are to be late. These may include Titans FC team manager, other Titans FCCoach, or captain if they are to be late. We will also email ahead of time if we are to be absent.

If your player obviously could have known or have let others know earlier, or if they have missed or been late for unreasonable justification, know that it will affect playing time. Persistent lateness and absences will affect playing time also.

Titans FC Puts Players First

Lastly, we believe that all players are different and develop in different ways and at different rates. Not only in their athletic abilities but in their personal development. We provide our instruction accordingly so as to challenge each of our players. Please know that Titans FC has the best interests of your player at heart and at all appropriate times strives to do what is in the best interests of the team and the club as a whole, supporting our mission statement. These procedures are in place to provide clear expectations, avoid confusion, and set forth the very important role that each parent has in supporting the soccer education of their child.