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Player Information

Player Expectations


Expectations are very high in everything you do while you go about your business as a player and representative of Titans FC. We are responsible for you while you are with us. Your actions and behavior have an effect on more than just yourself. Deviations from this expected high level of excellence and professionalism will not be tolerated. All of us, players and coaches, will be professional in everything we do.

Preparation for Training

Wear the appropriate training kit and make sure you bring your shin guards and soccer appropriate footwear. If you don’t have them, you won’t be able to participate. No exceptions.

No other apparel is to be worn. No ball caps. Absolutely NEVER are you to have nothing on your feet. EVER.

Bring water.

Arrive early. Training will start on time.

ALWAYS be wearing your NPSA playing apparel.

During Training

Pay attention. Compete. Teamwork.

Focus. Concentration. Attitude. Effort.

You won’t always have a good training session. That’s fine. However, you will still be expected to work hard.

You will inevitably get frustrated at times. Either with yourself, a team mate, or your coaches. Keep it to yourself and address it afterwards. Outbursts will not be tolerated.

Line your soccer bag up with everyone else in a straight line. We must look uniform and organized.

Game Days

Come mentally prepared to play. Believe in yourself, your preparation, and the instruction.

Be on the field 45 minutes before KO, with all gear on, ready to go. This means arriving 1 hour before KO.

Line your soccer bag up behind the bench in a straight line. We must look uniform and organized.

Be focused on the bench during the game. Watch the game. Be aware of the game dynamics, opponent formation, how they play, key players, what they are trying to do, weaknesses, and your likely opponent when you play. Encourage your teammates from the bench. NEVER are you to raise your voice concerning a refereeing decision. Either on the bench or on the field. Leave any interaction with the referees to us. A moment of madness might make you personally feel good, but it does nothing for the team if we lose a player. Don’t do it.

When playing, if a decision goes against you, DO NOT engage the referee. DO NOT square up to your opponent. Get on with the game. If you do, you will be brought off immediately. We expect a high degree of self-discipline. We expect you to be aggressive and hard but fair. Not reckless. Again, a moment of madness does nothing but put the team at a disadvantage.


If there is a problem, it is your problem to address. Go directly to your coach and tell them what it is. We will help you work through the problem to come to a solution that is fair. If the problem is after a game, wait 24 hours to think it over first.

The organizational flow for issues is as follows: Player-Coach-Director of Coaching

Absences & Lateness

If you are going to be absent or tardy:

For a Training Session: Player/Parent emails or texts the coach

For a Game: Player/Parent emails the manager and cc’s the coach at least one week in advance

* Emergency situations are exceptions