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Club Values

Our Club Values

Our Titans FC club values are our enduring and distinctive core beliefs.  They are our deeply held convictions that influence our attitudes and behaviors. These beliefs are ingrained in all we do and are shared by our entire staff; they are our way of life.

Players First:

Titans FC is dedicated to putting the best interests of players and their individual development above everything else.


Developing the person not just the player is an integral part of our philosophy; we are determined to positively contribute to the personal growth of every individual.

Giving Back:

Our purpose is to make the game accessible to all by minimizing the financial burden that youth soccer clubs traditionally place on families.


We are devoted to providing a pathway for players of all levels to realize their potential and achieve their goals.


Integrity is of paramount importance in everything that we do; being honest and transparent in the way we deliver our services is essential to fulfilling our mission.

Raising Standards:

We are committed to improving the standards of coaching, administration, and the customer experience across youth soccer by relentlessly striving to become the benchmark that all other clubs aspire to.

Customer Experience:

We respect that the satisfaction of our current and future members is critical to the performance of our organization; therefore, we are focused on a member-centric approach to offer the best possible customer experience.