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GK Union

GK's Are #1 For A Reason!

Here at Titans FC, we understand that the goalkeeper position is unique in so many ways and we would like to bring everyone together under our new Titans FC GK UNION initiative.

Led by former professional GK, Keegan Rogers, the GK Union will create a stronger community for our goalkeepers, allow them to support each other and provide more opportunities for growth across all age groups.

The Titans FC GK UNION involves the following:

-        Observing each goalkeeper at their team training sessions

-        Regular communication with their Head Coaches

-        Written evaluations detailing their progress

-        A GK specific Facebook & Instagram page

-        Monthly GK Newsletter

-        Awards & prizes for achievement

Titans FC has been synonymous with doing things a little differently and the GK UNION is another example of this club striving to create the all-round youth soccer development program.

We must encourage and celebrate our young GK’s and inspire more young players to want to be a GK for their team!

For more information on the GK Union, please contact Keegan Rogers below.

NPSA GK Union Instagram Page

You can see what the NPSA GK Union is all about on our Instagram page! Give the page a follow to stay up to date on current GK Union activity!

NPSA GK Union Facebook Page

We also have our very own Facebook page! Give our page a 'like' to stay up to date with all GK Union news and activity!

Keegan Rogers

Keegan Rogers

Goalkeeper Director

Phone: 503-956-4421