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Providing a superior soccer education for our players is only one part of what we do at NPSA. We believe that training with your team is only one small part of what it takes to be the best player that you can be. Our additional programs at NPSA provide every player, of all ages and levels, a way to improve and reach your goals. If you are just starting out in the sport as a young player, our Tiny Titans program is a great way to introduce those younger "micro" players an entrance into the game. As a more established player with dreams of playing in college, our College Prep program will help you get there. Just want to play and enjoy the game after school? We have a program for that too! All players of all ages can find a program that fits their needs. Go ahead and inquire today about one of our programs. Not only will you learn while having fun but you won't be disappointed. From the player starting out to the recreational player to the more experienced and serious soccer player, NPSA has professionally built programs that will help you reach your goals. Contact Keenan Butler our Programs Director to learn more.

Keenan Butler

Keenan Butler

NPSA Programs Director

Phone: 425-765-3874