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October 28th & 29th Weekend Review

By Keegan Rogers, 11/01/17, 11:30AM PDT


To start off our weekend review, we go to our B05 Navy Bellevue team who just secured the Superleague 2 title after their 4-1 win over Emerald City at Wilburton Park.  This team ran to the top of the table and stayed there.   The secured the top spot with 2 games remaining in league! Domination from the start to the end.  The boys have only conceded 4 goals ALL SEASON and have put away 31 goals in 8 games.  This team was unstoppable all year and Coach Jack couldn’t be prouder.  Despite the quality on the team, Jack still holds them to a very high standard.  Proud of this team and all the work they have put into this soccer season.  Best of luck in the remaining two games!

G07 Navy Bellevue maintain their undefeated record as they secured a 5-1 victory.  The girls started off 1-0 down, but their reliance paid off as they fired back and scored 5 unanswered goals.  Coach Jack and Jaynie and the ladies continue to roll through the season.  They have one game left in the regular season and are looking to secure that top spot over the weekend! Good luck ladies!!!!

Big news from out B01 Navy team as they just secured the number 2 spot in the top division of the PSPL after a 2-0 away win against PCSC Cosmos.  This is a huge accomplishment from this team and we are so proud of their efforts all season.  Coach Adam was very pleased with their division standing and are looking to take their great form into State Cup.  The boys are confident and are heading into State Cup with a chip on their shoulder.  We will keep you posted with their State Cup results!

Tough result from our B04 Navy team as they lost 2-0 to a very good Fury team.  The boys played very well and created some great opportunities going forward.  Coach Keegan who was filling in for Coach Keenan saw a lot of positives in their performance. The boys competed and never gave up and their structure was phenomenal.  Many players played out of position and still contributed offensively and defensively. Well done boys!

Our B03 White Bellevue team had a very busy weekend.  On Friday night, the boys had a tough match and fell short to Celtic.  The boys were down after the result, but were ready to bounce back Sunday night against a good Kent City team.  They proceeded to play in one of the most exciting youth soccer games that our club has been a part of.  The boys dug themselves a hole and were 3-0 down in the second half.  The boys clawed their way back to make it 3-2, but with 6 minutes to go, Kent city put away a big goal to make it 4-2.  With 2 minutes to go, our boys scored a great goal off a counter to make it 4-3.  The boys didn’t stop there and earned a corner in the dying seconds.  With the last kick of the game, right winger Julian L. scored a beautifully placed ball in the bottom corner to secure a 4-4 tie!!! Rollercoaster of a weekend for the B03 White team, but certainly ended on a high note.

The B07 Navy Bellevue team took down a very talented Celtic team 1-0 over the weekend.  The boys played well as a unit and took advantage of the wide space the whole game.  Lots of players were bombing forward and the boys were playing with a ton of freedom.  Great result from the boys and will continue to climb the table next weekend.

Big shoutout to our B06 White Bellevue team for their efforts over the weekend.  It was a close match in this fixture and Coach Nelson was proud of their competitiveness and determination.  Goalkeeper Alex K. had himself a great day at the office and was nearly unbeatable.  Great work from everyone and the boys will look to bounce back next week!

Big shoutout to our G06 Navy Bellevue team who secured a 2-0 victory over Marauders in Ravensdale over the weekend.  Coach Gabe and ladies dominated the game from start to finish.  This was a big result as the last game, the ladies were defeated 3-0 to this team.  In the reverse fixture, our ladies were determined to play well and get a result and they took care of business.  Piper and Kiera got on the score sheet and Devynne got herself a clean sheet.  Well done from Coach Gabe and the ladies!

Big shoutout to our B08 White Belleuve team and Coach Lenny for their efforts over the weekend.  These boys always bring a great attitude, a ton of smiles, and a high energy level.  Really glad that these boys have such a great passion for the game and we look forward to see how they finish out their strong season!

Big win over the Gunners as our B06 Navy Bellevue team took care of business with a solid 5-0 victory.  The boys came out the gates flying and took a quick 3-0 lead 20 minutes into the game.  At the beginning of the second half, they put the game away by scoring two more goals in about 10 minutes.  The boys controlled the tempo of the game and had no signs of stopping.  Great result from the boys and Coach Javi!

B07 Vista battled hard and earned a 1-1 tie over the weekend! Coach Lenny was proud of the way the boys played.  Over the season, the boys have struggled with their shape, but over the last few games, the boys really seem to be buying into what coach Lenny has been teaching them.  Their structure is getting so much better and they are all playing as a unit.  Defensively, they are tough to beat and offensively, they are all giving each other a lot of space to work with.  Great work from the entire squad!

Good result from our G03 Navy team as they drew 1-1 to a decent Fusion game.  Tons of physical play, lots of back and forth action, and a ton of passion being shown by both teams.  Coach Nelson was very proud of the way the girls battled all game.  They didn't get discouraged when they allowed a goal and they worked great together to get in great scoring positions.  Great stuff ladies!

B08 Vista boys won 5-1 over the weekend in a stellar performance over FC Bellevue.  The boys were relentless and brought so much energy to the pitch.  They never stopped and played their hearts out.  Coach Lenny was ecstatic with the result as the boys played a complete game and dominated the opponent.  The boys have a couple games left and are looking to finish strong!

Our G08 Navy Bellevue team had a great performance over Seattle Celtic as they won 5-2.  Solid team performance several ladies contributed to the score sheet and defensively, the girls were swarming to the ball.  Coach Mario was impressed with the way the girls battled as a unit and we look forward to seeing how the girls finish their strong season!

Great work from our G04 Navy team as they put on a show in Ravensdale.  Tons of action, tons of highlights, and an overall excellent match.  Coach Nelson was so proud of the team and their collective efforts.  We are so proud of this team and all that they have been able to accomplish this season.  Best of luck for the remainder of the season ladies!

Great work from Coach Damir and our B04 White Bellevue team this weekend as they earned a solid 2-2 draw against a very talented squad.  Damir was pleased with the boys and their competitiveness.  These boys are always swarming, buzzing around the ball, and always hold themselves to a very high standard.  Really proud of this squad and their continued success. Well done Titans!