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September 30th/October 1st Weekend Review

By Keegan Rogers, 10/03/17, 9:00AM PDT


We start off this weekend review with our league leading squads as they continue their excellent form! On the lady's side, our G07 Navy team has had an unbelievable season so far and they have no signs of slowing down! Coach Jack, Coach Jaynie, and the girls are currently sitting on top of their table as they completed their 7th straight win over the weekend with a 4-0 win over Issaquah Gunners.  Offensively, the ladies seem to score at will as they have scored the most goals in league play.  On top of that, they have only conceded 2 goals in their last 7 games.  We are so proud of the girls and their efforts so far this season. Keep it up ladies!!!

Our B05 Navy Bellevue team are sitting on top of the Super League 2 table with an undefeated record of 5-0 after their 6-1 victory over the weekend.  Coach Jack and the boys are off to a flying start and they will look to continue their form next week against a good TC United team.  Just like the G07 team, the B05s have only conceded only two goals all season.  Offensively, they have scored the second most goals in the league and are quickly catching up to the offensive leaders.  We look forward to seeing how this team fairs next weekend!

Our B06 Navy Bellevue team secured a tough 2-1 win over Kent City.  Coach Javi and the boys are sitting in second place in the table, but are only one point behind.  The boys have a very exciting style of play moving forward, and have been tough to beat the entire season.  Every game they have played so far, they have had the majority of the possession.  Coach Javi has been working very well with the boys and we look forward to watching them develop. 

Our B06 Navy Mercer Island team is sitting on top of the table with another 4-2 victory over Highline FC.  Coach Jack and the boys are competing for the top spot in the Super League 1 table and are representing NPSA in a big way.  These boys stepped up into this league and are turning heads with their style of play, offensive fire power, and their strong defense.  The amount of quality these boys produce on the pitch is quite remarkable and we look forward to seeing their future results.  

Our G04 team continued their great form with a solid 3-0 win over Maple Valley.  The ladies are contending for the top spot in the league and are in reaching distance of first place.  They have an uphill battle, but there is no quit in these girls.  Coach Keenan and Coach Adam have faith that these girls will contend for that top spot and will battle to the very end.  Their passion is unmatched and we are so proud to call these girls Titans!

Our B09 Navy Mercer Island team competed hard and earned a 3-3 draw against a very good MPC team.  Notably, the youngest player on the squad Saul scored an amazing goal and also had 2 amazing assists.  Saul is playing a full year up and has a tremendous Soccer IQ.  He is playing at an entirely different level at the moment and the future is bright for this young soccer star. The team is clicking on all cylinders and are looking to climb up the table!

B06 White Bellevue defended our home field winning 5-3 against a relentless Emerald City FC! Fantastic goals from Nick, David, Albert, and two crushing volleys from Tanner! Very proud of the boys and their result, especially considering they only had one sub! Coach Nelson was stoked about the win and so was the team.  Smiles from ear to ear after the game and the boys will look to continue their winning form next weekend.  

Our B03 Red team is having a solid season as they defeated Celtic 4-1.  Great performance from Coach Rob and the boys.  This is a great squad filled with players who are eager to compete and perform.  These players have a strong passion for the game and it shows in their competitiveness each and every weekend.  Coach Rob is proud to coach these boys and they look to continue their pursuit of a league title next weekend.  

Our B02s played hard and earned a point against a good Spokane WA team.  The boys have had a tough couple weeks with travel and some injuries, but they have not given up at all and Coach Keegan is very proud of their relentlessness.  These boys play with a big chip on their shoulder and they are holding themselves to a very high standard.  The boys have a very big game against FC Bellevue in their reverse fixture and are hoping to get a big result.  

Our G08 Navy Bellevue team competed and won 5-0 against a very good ECFC team.  Star player Lily had 4 goals to herself in the victory and her smile says it all! Coach Mario and the ladies have been playing very well as of late and they are having an absolute blast each and every time they step onto the pitch.  Excellent work from the ladies as they continue to move up the table.  

Our B08 Navy Mercer Island team came out with a 4-0 victory over a very good Seattle Celtic team over the weekend.  Coach Jack once again goes undefeated over the weekend with all four of his teams winning, and winning big for that matter.  Noah had some great saves in goal and birthday boy Malachi scored as well.  Great work from the boys as they started off with some great results in their season and look to finish strong.  

We cap our weekend review with a G07 NPSA friendly between our Premier Team and our Vista team.  This is truly what soccer is all about.  Our two teams had a friendly scrimmage at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club over the weekend and everyone couldn't be more happy and excited to play.   The game was filled with back and forth action and it was truly amazing to see these players play their hearts out.  We are so proud of these girls on both teams.