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A Walk To Remember

By Keegan Rogers, 07/08/17, 12:00PM PDT


NPSA Players And Parents March At Mercer Island Parade

Words cannot express how proud we are of our NPSA soccer community and their continued support for our club.  At the Mercer Island Parade, we had over 120 players and parents represent our club during the march!  Everyone had an absolute blast and you could tell that our presence was felt on the island.  Our goal for this parade was to bring as much joy as possible and spread the word of the opportunities that our club has to offer for players in our neighboring communities, and there is no doubt that we exceeded this  goal.  We are grateful for the people involved in our soccer community and our continued growth.

Below is a short video of our players during the Mercer Island March.  Needless to say, we have quite a few personalities in our club!