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Over two weekends, our Titans teams competed in the Crossfire Challenge, one of the most prestigious tournaments in the region, and achieved unprecedented success for our club!

In the College Showcase Weekend (July 12-15), we entered 5 Titans teams all of which made the semifinals, 3 made the final and 1 took the championship home.

In the U9-U14 Weekend (July 18-22), we entered 8 Titans teams with 3 making the semifinals, 2 progressed to the final and 2 took the championship home.

An unbelievable return from our teams and coaches against such high level competition!

Our Semi Finalists are listed below;

B08 Navy Bellevue

B05 Navy Bellevue

B02 Navy Bellevue

Our Finalists are listed below;

B03 Navy Bellevue

G01 Navy Bellevue

Our Winners are listed below;

B09 Navy Bellevue

G06 Navy Bellevue

B05 Navy Puyallup

Thanks to Crossfire Premier for hosting such a great tournament and thanks to all our parents, players and coaches for all they did to make these weekends so memorable!


Coach Keenan and his B09 Navy Bellevue team

Coach Maddie and her G06 Navy Bellevue team

Coach Marlon and his B05 Navy Puyallup team