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Summer 2017

Summer 2017 College Prep Evenings

Sponsored by Paracle Personal Financial Management 

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NPSA College Pathway-Academic Year Preparation

Back in February, Titans FC held an annual College Prep Introduction evening. While this was as much a "kick-off" event as it was an information evening, we laid out our plans for how our college prep program will develop over the course of an academic year and over time. 

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Paracle Personal Financial Management. Paracle are an exceptional company and are our main and only sponsor for our college prep program. It is down to the generosity of Paracle that we are able to bring our industry leading program to our members, at no cost. As fiduciaries, everything Paracle do is for the benefit of the client. They constantly stay ahead of the curve on educating clients with respect to their individualized pathways. Their focus on education and exemplary customer service is one of the many reasons why our partnership is a perfect fit. If you would like to learn more please click on one of the Paracle logos on this page.

Our Titans FC summer 2017 sessions have now been scheduled! During this session you will have access to both Lee Hitchen and Erik Oman each with a combined college coaching experience of over 30 years. We have partnered with Sports Services inc. to let you see what a REAL & PROFESSIONAL video should look like and the opportunity to pursue their services should you choose. 

Our evenings will run as follows:

Location: Chestnut Hill Academy, Bellevue


  • August 14th (AY 2017-18 Freshmen & Sophomores)
  • August 15th (AY 2017-18 Juniors)

Time: 6.30pm-8pm (if you know me, they will probably run longer!)

Additional Information: Bring paper and a pen to take notes

The information you hear will vary depending on which evening you attend. While there will be some cross-over information it will generally be structured based on your upcoming class in high school.

Some of the things that will be discussed:

  • Identification of potential schools
  • Beginning the recruiting process
  • Player profiles & video
  • Financial planning
  • Testing
  • Contacting coaches
  • NCAA eligibility center

To register for either evening, please click on the RED registration ribbon at the top of the page. Please remember these evenings are for specific classes in high school. Be sure to register for the correct one.

As a final note, as we have mentioned many times before, the college recruiting & admission process is different for everyone. No two people are alike. Our program is designed to give you the best information so YOU can navigate it smoothy. How successful you become is entirely down to your effort. Also remember, the norm is for you to connect with college coaches and programs. Don't wait for coaches to contact and see you. If you do you will probably be waiting a long time. College coaches beating on your door or flooding your inbox, while it can happen if you are exceptional, is not the normal way. Don't fall into the mistake of waiting for it to happen. You have to go out there and MAKE it happen! Fortunately for our players, you have Titans FC to show you how to do this.

Please join us at the appropriate evening and be ready to learn! Take advantage of the incredible amount of experience that we have at Titans FC in helping you achieve your goals.

Don't let these opportunities pass you by. The more you know the better equipped you will be to master this complicated process. We are here to provide the best program out there in an easy to understand way. 

See you in a few weeks!