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Player Enhancement

At Titans FC, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of training with the additional programs that we run alongside our club team practices. While we will continue to do this, we have identified four specific player enhancement clinics that will give all our players the opportunity to develop and truly elevate their game. The four specific programs that we identified are:

1.       Strikers & Goalkeepers

2.       SAQ (Speed & Quickness)

3.       Defense vs Attack

4.       Shooting Academy

Why did we do this? The clinics that we offer will cover all aspects of what any player in any position may need allowing them to develop and work on their game beyond team training to make a difference. Essentially, we want to take these players that want to be even better and do just that.

Strikers & Keepers:

The fact that these two skill sets are grouped together just makes sense. If an attacking player is shooting on goal with no goalkeeper, it isn’t a realistic environment. Likewise, if a goalkeeper is not facing real goal scoring situations, that isn’t realistic either. While a lot of benefit can come of working on both these things separately, and neither should they be ignored, the ultimate benefit is derived from actual scenarios. What we will do is work on specific skills for each position and then combine the two together creating real and game-like situations.

SAQ (Speed & Quickness):

Teaching the technical and tactical aspects of the game is important. But, the advanced player needs to have the physical capabilities to do these things at the highest level and under pressure. The modern game has increasingly become dependent on superior athletes. Given this, our SAQ clinics will train our players to perform their skills from the first minute to the last with tremendous speed, quickness, and agility. We will be using movement specific equipment and exercises that are performed with game reality in mind. This isn’t about just being fast. It is about explosive speed in all directions and teaching players to have better technique in their physical arsenal.

Defense vs Attack:

Like most areas of the game it is easy to teach the concept but another thing entirely to perform it under pressure with a constantly changing environment. Our idea with this clinic is to separately teach concepts, formations, and patterns of play to both defenders and attackers then we will bring the two together to teach the next principle of decision making in each scenario. By doing this, we create an actual game-like situation where players must think for themselves as circumstances change and to teach decision making skills to counter such changes with a high level of affect.

Shooting Academy:

Our shooting academy is designed to teach the finer points of finishing chances in every way possible with different surfaces of the foot and in different situations. We teach how to finish with power and accuracy when the right situation calls for it and when finesse it is the best option to use in front of goal. Repetition is a major focus in this clinic. We believe goal scoring is an art and like art, it takes practice.

All our clinics are designed to enhance our players’ soccer education. We also want as many of our players to benefit from our clinics. To support this stand point we offer our clinics during breaks in the school calendar. They will run over the following periods:

·       Mid-Winter Break

·       Spring Break

·       Thanksgiving Break

·       Christmas & New Year Break